• Sinusitis

Sinuses are air-filled cavities in the bones of the skull and face. Anything that causes mucus or pus filling and clogging them up, will cause sinusitis. Common cold, allergies or a deviated septum of the disease. Pain, mild fever, nasal and throat symptoms of the disease, especially in the morning. Morning headaches when waking up is clearly refers to a problem with the sinuses. Pain in the forehead, in the sinuses forehead touched, pain in the jaw and upper teeth and cheeks at the time of touching (caused by infection of the maxillary sinuses above), swelling or pain in the tissue around the eyes or the sides of the nose, impaired sense of smell and stuffy nose are other symptoms

And especially Shyrjhzdn swimming in pools of contaminated water into the sinus cavities become infected with the strain may be a sinus infection. Air sinusitis after flying high-altitude air pressure changes can cause blockage of the sinus openings and create a negative pressure in the sinuses and finally discharge and sinusitis.

In many cases of allergic sinusitis may be confused with infectious sinusitis. Typically congestion caused by allergies is called allergic rhinitis and sinusitis to avoid calling their doctors. Migraine headaches sinusitis sometimes confused. Sinusitis can be used in children of different ages have different symptoms develop. Cold-like symptoms, including children centers more runny and stuffy nose and a mild fever.